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Organisations can support their employees’ wellbeing with online yoga classes.

Forward Bend Pose

The Problem

Causes of back pain in the workplace –

Covid19 has had a significant impact on all our lives. Ireland had one of the highest rates of working from home in the EU. One of the lasting results from the pandemic is that many people have remained working from home as more businesses and companies realise it has it’s benefits. Howeer this change to working from home also meant many employees are sitting for longer periods of time. This continuous sitting for long periods means they tend to end up slumping and sinking into their lower back which in turn causes tightening of the hamstrings and shortening the hip flexors.

Working from home can now be added to the list of what causes back pain in the workplace.

Modern life and work means we are sitting for longer periods than our bodies are designed for. We spend a lot more screen time on our phones, tablets, and laptops, which has resulted in ‘text neck’. This is the term used to describe the posture formed by leaning forward and stressing muscles while using our devices. This posture often results in cervical and shoulder pain, stiffness, headaches and hunching. This increases pressure on the neck and shoulders and the lower back, closing the front of the body. As a result, there is a rounding of the shoulders, shortening and tightening to the muscles at front and back of the shoulders. Also, statistics have shown that employees working from home take fewer breaks and work longer hours.

Work than involves long periods of standing or bending and lifting heavy objects can have as equally a detrimental effect on back, neck and shoulders.

Camel Pose

The Impact

This increase in sitting and stressing our muscles has caused a significant number of people to suffer from tight hips and shoulders, which leads to back pain and discomfort.

In a study carried out by the Institute of Employment Studies more than half of 500 home workers surveyed reported new aches and pains, especially in the neck (58%) and back (55%). Almost half of people working from home are experiencing back or neck pain, an Irish chiropractic clinic has revealed. New research conducted by Chiropractix in 2021 has found that 46% of people working from home  are struggling with back or neck pains, or both.

The Solution

At Hot Yoga Athlone we can create a class to target these problem areas and to help employees improve their health and wellbeing, minimising discomfort and preventing a reoccurrence. You can reward your staff by offering them something for their mental and physical wellbeing.

How it Works

A bespoke yoga course can be provided tailored to your employees needs. The offer is flexible as organisations can choose how many classes you wish to offer your employees.

As a minimum 4 classes are recommended – one class a week over 4 weeks.
Timings: classes can be organised for early morning, lunchtime or evening after 8pm.

As part of the package, ‘Do & Don’t’ photos are sent each week of the common mistakes made with guidance on the correct alignment.

Costs: Please contact me directly for more information on this.

Spine-Twisting Pose

Code of Practice. Tricia and all the teachers at Hot Yoga Athlone endeavour to ensure the highest standards of practice in class which includes constant instruction and correction. This extends to the overall running of the studio and all its facilities. Classes will always run on time. All teachers at Hot Yoga Athlone have been trained and certified.

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